Giampiero Milozzi
Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees from friday the 13th

Character, Movie

Real time model

This is a fan art 3d model of Jason Voorhees from the horror movie Friday the 13th
Initially created by Victor Miller, Jason’s final design was a combined effort by Miller, Ron Kurz, and Tom Savini. The name “Jason” is a combination of “Josh” and “Ian”, Miller’s two sons, and “Voorhees” was inspired by a girl that Miller knew at high school whose last name was Voorhees. Miller felt it was a “creepy-sounding name”, which was perfect for his character.
Miller initially wrote Jason as a normal-looking child, but the crew behind the film decided he needed to be deformed. Victor Miller explained Jason was not meant to be a creature from the “Black Lagoon” in his script, and scripted Jason as a mentally disabled young boy; it was Savini who made Jason deformed. Ron Kurz confirmed that Miller’s version of Jason was that of a normal child, but claims that it was his idea to turn Jason into a “mongoloid creature”.

Jason’s original mask was molded from a Detroit Red Wings goalie mask, and would become a staple for the character for the rest of the series

Software used : 3ds Max Zbrush Substance Painter , Marmoset toolbag 3

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