Giampiero Milozzi



It’s pretty hard to describe myself, even harder to be concise.

My name is Giampiero Milozzi, I’m a 3d artist from Rome.

I’m a self-taught artist, every skill that I have was developed studying by myself, I started to know and learn software like 3D Studio Max and Zbrush and i loved it so much, so I decide to translate my passion for CG into a job.

I got my degree in Architecture and Design (Architecture College Valle Giulia – “La Sapienza” University in Rome) with full marks and honors.

I simply love art. And that passion has always motivated me to keep pushing my limits and to always be looking for more knowledge, improving myself as an artist.

One of the greatest achievements in my life is that I always avoid the “comfort zone”.

The technicalities might get you pretty far when it comes to the physical representation of the forms, but none of them will be able to capture the “soul” or to translate that information into emotion. That’s the job of an artist, not simply a technician.

The produced piece, text, music, visual artwork, if done correctly, will be the vehicle that will carry the emotion from the author straight to the viewer/reader/listener. It will be the interface connecting inner thoughts and feelings of one individual with his/her audience. There’s no formula here. There’s no tool or scan data that will help here. Either there’s an artist with enough sensibility to capture it or at least emulate those emotions convincingly or there’s not.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me in all these years of working, learning and everything else to make me a better artist, professional but most important a better human being.


Concept art to 3D model

Digital sculpting 

Low poly modeling and topology for videogames

Hand-painted textures

High resolution modeling and texturing for videogames, commercials and movies


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