Giampiero Milozzi

Categories: Characters

  • Ancient Warrior

    Ancient Warrior Characters This work started as an improvised sclupt in zbrush. During the early stages, i didn't have a specific idea about the final outcome, but i had a ideal warrior in my mind. This work was a great experience for me. I like to challenge myself, so for this project i choose to [...]

    2 Agosto 2021

  • Biohazard Suit

    Biohazard Suit Characters I've used many different references for make this suit concept. Working on this Biohazard Suit modeling in 3ds max , sculpting folds and details in zbrush , texturing with substance painter and final render with Arnold Software used : 3ds Max Zbrush Substance Painter , Arnold Render

    24 Giugno 2020

  • Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees from friday the 13th Character, Movie Real time model This is a fan art 3d model of Jason Voorhees from the horror movie Friday the 13th Initially created by Victor Miller, Jason's final design was a combined effort by Miller, Ron Kurz, and Tom Savini. The name "Jason" is a combination of "Josh" [...]

    24 Dicembre 2019

  • Leon

    Leon The Professional Character, Movie CG Model, Likeness of Jean Reno from movie Leon Software used : 3ds Max Zbrush Substance Painter Ornatrix vray

    11 Ottobre 2019

  • Lady of the Sea

    Lady Of The Sea For this work I was inspired by a concept found on the website from which I took only some ideas. The target was to recreate a pirate illustration. Software used: 3ds Max Zbrush Ornatrix Corona Render

    21 Luglio 2019

  • Zeta

    Zeta Real time character inspired by a concept Software used: 3ds Max Zbrush Substance Painter Marmoset

    18 Luglio 2019

  • Venom

    Venom This is one of my favourite Marvel’s villain Software used: Zbrush Photoshop

    17 Luglio 2019

  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Videogame Character Real time character from Bioshock videogame Software used: 3ds Max Zbrush Substance painter Marmoset Photoshop

    10 Luglio 2019

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